The youngest passenger on a four day trip through Southwestern Bolivia.

I’m Magera, an independent Product Designer and co-founder of the digital product studio Related Works in NYC.

I specialize in strategically building complex customer experiences, two-sided platforms, and the creation and maintenance of the Design Systems used to create them.

Previously, I managed the Design Systems and Buyer Experience teams at Etsy and led a cross-functional working group in the creation of Etsy’s Design Principles. Before that, I worked on a variety of seller and buyer-facing products, such as overhauling the listing and checkout process, unifying global navigation across our web experiences, rethinking the home screen in our native buyer apps, and streamlining the ability to buy and sell digital goods.

I have a long-standing love affair with film photography and tend to carry a heavy medium format camera with me to capture the people and places that are dear to me. I live out in the Rockaways where I get waaaay too much enjoyment out of planning and doing home improvement projects on our tiny bungalow. I also attempt to surf year-round, but mostly just get ice cream headaches in the winter and wetsuit tan lines in the summer.